1. Painting in watercolor provides an opportunity for me to generate a soft transparent look, unique to the medium. Building layers (or washes) allows me to control the amount of color in each action while the active nature of combining water/pigment/& paper creates spontaneous "accidents" which add character to each image.
  2. Pastel is my favorite medium to work with! The purity of color and ease of application and blending hues works for me like no other. The looks that can be created are infinite... from bold vivid strokes to delicate subtle nuances... pastel allows me to explore a huge range of color and subject matter.
    soft pastel
  3. Working primarily in vector art (Adobe Illustrator), I'm able to generate digital art for a variety of applications, from company branding to publications. "Painting with light" is adaptable... I can work with flat color and/or gradients and transparency. The raster version of the digital world (Adobe Photoshop), allows me control over my traditional mediums in that I can manipulate: hue, value, and saturation. This also allows me to (quickly and easily) offer my clients a range of color solutions on projects.
  4. Colored pencil (primarily Prismacolor) allows me to generate detail that is often difficult to create in other mediums. The variety of looks that can be had by applying different amounts of pressure... from light and airy (with paper texture/color showing through) to solid color (burnished application with only pigment showing)... gives this medium a wide variety of appearances.
    colored pencil
As an artist, my inspiration comes with exploration of the natural world around me. From the delicacy of the "micro world", seeing the curves and saturation of color inside a flower, to the "macro world", vizualising the shapes and intensity of the California landscape I've grown up in. 
As an instructor, my passion is to understand how we see, understand, and communicate... and how that translates in both the academic and commercial world. I am a "life-long learner" and invite my students to come along on that ride.       
Professional experience:
  • BA in Visual Communications, CSU Chico (1985)
  • MA in Illustration, Syracuse University (2000)
  • Principle, Weast & Weast (30 years)
  • Adjunct Professor, CSU Sacramento (19 years)
  • Adjunct Professor, Sacramento City College (3 years)
  • Adjunct Professor, The Art Institute of CA, Sacramento (7 years)
  • Color Workshop Instructor, UC Berkeley (Extension)
Medium specialties:
  • Prismacolor
  • Soft Pastel
  • Watercolor
  • Colored Pencil
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Adobe Illustrator